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Visiting Heather after surgery (new blog for 2020!)

Today, Remi and Kiki visited Heather. Heather is a freshman in high-school and she got her spinal fusion surgery with Dr. Skaggs on December 19th. Remi and Kiki brought her a blanket, candles, candies, and other things nice for her to have post surgery. Heather was already walking around, feeling less pain, and is taking great steps towards recovery! We have been talking to Heather and her Dad for a while about this surgery, due to the fact that she discovered that she had scoliosis around a year ago. We are very happy to see that she is doing well and cannot wait to continue seeing her grow!

And happy new year everyone! This is our new blog page for the new decade. All of our past posts are in the old blog page.

With Love,

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