• Remi Pappas

Spreading Support

Yesterday, Molly and I went to Manhattan Beach Middle School, Pacific, Pennekamp, Meadows, Robinson, Grandview and American Martyrs to spread the word about our support group. All of the schools' nurses and principals think our group is an excellent way to help students who are diagnosed with scoliosis/going to have the surgery and were open to giving out our cards with our information;

When we were little kids, Molly and I attended Pacific Elementary School. I am currently a Freshman at Mira Costa and Molly is a Sophomore. We were so excited to visit our old elementary school; the campus and classrooms brought back so many good memories. Luckily, we were able to say hi to some of the teachers we had (and to our surprise, they remembered us)! Here is a photo of us with our first grade teacher, Ms. Cameron. She could not believe how tall we have gotten since :)

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