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What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is the abnormal curvature of the spine, varying between the slightest curve to a curve that is 50º degrees or more. Not only does this condition come in different measurements, but in different shapes, too. They are classified as "S" and "C" curves, depending on the way the spine is bent. Our group was made to support those who are or have gone through spinal fusion surgery. However, we are also here to offer our advice to those who are severely suffering scoliosis alone.

More on Scoliosis:

There is no known cause for scoliosis, however, it's been proven that genetics determine whether you will be diagnosed with scoliosis or not. Most people don't find out they have scoliosis until they are teenagers going through their growth spurt, because the curve increases as your height does. Therefore, we assume that many of you who have chosen to view our page are in middle school or high school. At this point, you have been diagnosed with scoliosis by your doctor and tried everything you could to prevent surgery. Wearing a brace, going to a chiropractor, hanging from an exercise bar, and physical therapy were some solutions you may or may not have tried. Now that your curve has increased to the point where surgery is needed, you are left with no other options but to correct your curve with spinal fusion surgery.

Where are we?

"More Support" is located in Manhattan Beach, California. If you live in the South Bay, we would love to meet with you in person. Whether you seek our advice or simply our company during your recovery, please feel free to contact us in the "Contact Us" section. If you don't live in the same area as us, you can still contact us through our email (, text message, or calling. We will give you our personal phone numbers once you have emailed us. Our group is targeted towards people living in the South Bay area, but our support and advice from experience is international.

Who are we?

"More Support" is a scoliosis support group, run by Molly Ghiselli, Remi Pappas, Courtney Canales, and Kiki Schumacher. We are teenage girls who have successfully recovered from our scoliosis surgeries and living our lives as though it never happened. This group/website is targeted towards girls (and in some cases, guys) who need support, advice and comfort for their scoliosis surgery. The goal of our group is to reach out to as many people who seek our help as possible and make a difference in your recoveries. We are here to advise you, share our experiences, and simply be there for you, because we know what you're going through.


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